Marilyn L. Taylor

Wisconsin Poet Laureate, 2009-2010

Calendar of Events

Marilyn will be at the following events:

Reading with Shoshauna Shy, followed by an Open Mic

April 17, 2017- 7:00 pm
Copper Rock Coffee Company, 210 W. College Ave.,
Appleton, Wisconsin

Reading and Open Mic

April 25, 2017- 6:15 pm
Caramel Crisp & Café, 200 City Ctr, Suite D
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

“Poetry as Memoir” – with Alice D’Alessio and Timothy Walsh, followed by an Open Mic

Thursday, April 27th, 6:30 pm
Middleton Public Library
7435 N Hubbard Ave., Middleton

Of all the inspiration that poets depend upon, perhaps the deep well of memory is most often visited. How do these saved experiences become poetry. without getting maudlin or overly descriptive? Find out as Marilyn, Alice D’Alessio and Timothy Walsh read from their recent work that’s powered by those funny, sad, or amazing snippets that pattern a life.

Bring your questions, and a poem if you wish to be part of the Open Mic.

One-Day Workshop in Playful Forms

May 23 – 27, 2017
One-Day Workshop in Playful Forms: Acrostics, Abecedarians, Lipograms and Golden Shovels
Poetry by the Sea in Connecticut

Ripe for a little experimentation, some mental gymnastics, a bit of linguistic juggling? In this workshop you can try your hand at a selection of playful poetic forms—the Acrostic, the Abecedarian, the Lipogram, and the newly-minted but practically foolproof Golden Shovel. All are virtually guaranteed to take your own vocabulary and sensibilities to poetic places they’ve never visited before, generating that creative jolt you’ve been looking for.

© 2017 Marilyn L. Taylor

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